Ainsley & Graham

October 3, 2014






It was wonderful having the opportunity to spend the day with Ainsley and Graham.  What a beautiful couple who are always building each other up.  Wonderful tribute to both of their character was evident through the speeches.
The day turned out beautifully even though rain had threatened.
Congratulations to the both of you – what a beautiful day.AGBlog001 AGBlog002 AGBlog003 AGBlog004 AGBlog005 AGBlog006 AGBlog007 AGBlog008 AGBlog009 AGBlog010 AGBlog011 AGBlog012 AGBlog013 AGBlog014 AGBlog015 AGBlog016 AGBlog017 AGBlog018 AGBlog019 AGBlog020 AGBlog021 AGBlog022 AGBlog023 AGBlog024 AGBlog025 AGBlog026 AGBlog027 AGBlog028 AGBlog029 AGBlog030 AGBlog031