Blaire015 57Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out to the Shamrock Outdoor Market for a Victorian Themed Session and also to the ones from Killarney who drove in and took advantage of my offer for them to come to the city for the same great promo in the Enchanted Forest. Many thanks and together we were able to help the Shamrock in their fundraising efforts for a Digital Projector so that the Drive Inn can live on.









Today, I’m featuring Children – little ones and bigger ones too (Newborns will be posted a little bit later).  Children are full of wonder, amazement and excitement.  Sometimes they like photo sessions and sometimes they don’t 🙂 but all of them are beautiful and special little people.  Let’s celebrate children today 🙂  More children to be posted later in a Special Enchanted Post – stay tuned. BlogChildren001 BlogChildren002 BlogChildren003 BlogChildren004 BlogChildren005 BlogChildren006 BlogChildren007 BlogChildren008 BlogChildren009 BlogChildren010 BlogChildren011 BlogChildren012 BlogChildren013 BlogChildren014 BlogChildren015 BlogChildren016 BlogChildren017 BlogChildren018 BlogChildren019 BlogChildren020 BlogChildren021 BlogChildren022 BlogChildren023 BlogChildren024 BlogChildren025 BlogChildren026 BlogChildren027 BlogChildren028 BlogChildren029 BlogChildren030 BlogChildren031 BlogChildren032

6month old cuteness

August 7, 2013

Okay, I’ll admit it, 6 month olds are one of my favourite ages to photograph.  They are generally nice and smiley, they can’t get away on you and their expressions are priceless.  Little Elise is just too cute for words, so just sit back and take it all in 🙂_L0A7420 _L0A7504 EGauthier 0008 EGauthier 0015 EGauthier 0016 EGauthier 0037 EGauthier 0054-2 EGauthier 0062

Kid’sFantasy Weeks

April 4, 2012

Well, we’re off to a great start with the little ones.  I must say that I thoroughly enjoy doing fantasy kid’s sessions.  I love watching little girls get excited about frilly dresses and I can’t wait to dress up a little boy as Robin Hood or a pirate.  These sessions (being offered at a special rate) will be going on until April 14th.  Contact me for more details.  204-794-9023  or

I ran a contest back in late winter/early spring.  Petra was the lucky winner.  Their session happened a few weeks ago but I’ve been a little slow these days in keeping up with posting images (I had posted a couple but now here’s a few more).  Thanks for letting me spend some time with your wonderful family Petra 🙂



I had a great time photographing Ella earlier this year (that was when the tulips were still in bloom).  It’s been a busy summer and I’m still working on keeping up with posting images for every one to see.  Well here are a few of the pages I designed for the book I created for Erin – her little girl, Ella.  The book turned out beautiful…but that was easy with such a beautiful girl.


Martin & Cheyenne

April 24, 2011

So I don't know if this sneak peek is more for mom or for grandma (well actually I think I do know lol)
While Martin was awake for most of his photo session he was quite settled most of the time.  Cheyenne (big sister) was excited to be there for some photos with her new little brother and it was great for me to be able to take some images of Cheyenne while mom was attending to Martin.  Definitely a very busy session but also very satisfying.
So Cindy - I hope you enjoy the images.


June 13, 2010

I’ve been taking some shots for Tinkertown’s website…thought I would share a few. Totally fun place to spend the day.  Bring a picnic lunch or buy food there – everything is great.  Parents your kids would love it!!!