I loved photographing Vicky and Jordan.  They were connected to each other in a way that made them easy to photograph and to enjoy.  The simple things make them special together, the look, the touch, the smiles at each other.  I am so excited to be capturing their wedding later this season.  Best wishes.VickieJordan0003 VickieJordan0024 VickieJordan0076 VickieJordan0080 VickieJordan0088 VickieJordan0089 VickieJordan0105 VickieJordan0106 VickieJordan0125 VickieJordan0140


It’s always fun to get together with a couple who’s wedding I will be photographing at a later date.  Anita and Eric looked so styled and polished for their photos yesterday evening and while it was a really windy day everything worked out wonderfully – included just enough time for a few setting sun photos.
I’m looking forward to your big day next summer.








Right in the middle of a bunch of gloomy and rainy days we were blessed with a couple of beautiful warm spring days.  This was the perfect opportunity to get outside for a photo session.  I was excited when Shannon and Gary asked about bringing their bows for a couple of images – it’s always great to include items that are meaningful to couples.  Gary and Shannon met at Heartland Archery  so what could be more fitting than including a little archery into their session.

I had a great time with Shannon and Gary and am excited to be photographing their wedding this summer at the Hitch’n Post Ranch.
ShannonGary0003 ShannonGary0009 ShannonGary0034 ShannonGary0047 ShannonGary0048 (1) ShannonGary0066 ShannonGary0107 ShannonGary0108 ShannonGary0111 ShannonGary0112 ShannonGary0117

Here’s a little glimpse into winter this year…oh wait, it’s still winter out there.
Jasmine and Grant were great together during out winter session.  I love playing with some of the colours we found especially the red drapes.  And of course it’s always fun to play around with some fun lighting at night.  Looking forward to your wedding day, but hoping it’s a little warmer by then.JasminGrantEsess0029-2 JasminGrantEsess0045 JasminGrantEsess0062 JasminGrantEsess0074 JasminGrantEsess0081 JasminGrantEsess0091 JasminGrantEsess0112 JasminGrantEsess0121 JasminGrantEsess0126


Beautiful Fall Colours

September 27, 2013

This certainly is a beautiful time of year to be out enjoying the wonderful fall colours.  Here’s just a wee taste of all that beauty._L0A9705 copy

I always love the opportunity to photograph people in places that are important to them and Patrick and Kateri’s Engagement session was perfectly suited to them.  Patrick’s family has a beautiful property in St. Anne’s Mb – a place where the family gathers on a regular basis to celebrate life and enjoy each other’s company.  It’s well treed yard shaded us from a few minutes of rain and it’s situation along the river led to an impromptu canoe ride.









Chantel and Ryan

July 8, 2011

Well Chantel has been patiently waiting for me to finish editing the images from her and Ryan’s engagement session and finally I’m finished.  They were a wonderful couple to work with and I’m very much looking forward to their fall wedding.  Here’s a sneak peek Chantel – with more to see.