Undoubtedly one of the true wonders in this life, is a mother giving life.  A mother carries a child in her womb for a short time but in her heart for a lifetime.  Watching a new father gently hold his newborn child is also a wonder…but the newborn post will have to wait till later this week.




















Beautiful Maternity

February 12, 2014


Lindsay is definitely looking beautiful as a mother to be.  Expecting their first, Lindsay and Jeff chose to document her pregnancy with a few images.  The little one is due to be born soon so wee little one photos coming soon.LJMat0019 LJMat0024 LJMat0034 LJMat0043

Tamara & Ryan – maternity

September 11, 2013




I always love it when I get to work with people as they journey in life.  I first met Tamara and Ryan when Tamara was expecting their first little one.  Now with number two on the way their family is growing.  I’m honoured to be a part of it.

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Aliya – Newborn

June 4, 2013



Everyone loves looking at a beautiful baby and Aliya is no exception.  I think she takes after her beautiful mother 🙂  Farzana and Ali brought along Ali’s mother who was a huge help during the session – definitely a baby whisperer 🙂  I can’t wait to see Aliya for her next session at 6 months.











Beautiful Belly

April 26, 2012

So the summer months can be very busy for us photographers and keeping up a blog gets to be a little challenging at times.  So I’m trying to go update this a little.  Here’s a double session from June and July – maternity and new born.
I liked Tanja and Dario right away – personable, warm and inviting people.  And their little daughter Milica is a real beauty.  We had a beautiful day for their session back in June – the greenery was lush and inviting.  Little Sofija arrived in July and added more beauty to this wonderful family.  Hope you all enjoy.





I finally finished editing the beach photos and Tamara has had an opportunity to see them so I thought I would share a few more here.  Tamara is simply a beautiful pregnant woman.  It’s obvious that hers and Ryan’s relationship is strong as they are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their little one (I can’t wait either).  Stay tuned for in a few weeks I’ll be show casing their new arrival 🙂

Beach Maternity Session

July 29, 2011

Still editing away but I thought I would post a quick one from a recent maternity session on the beach.

Trisha & Shan

April 22, 2011

I’m so excited for Trisha and Shan.  They are expecting the arrival of their first little one in the near future.  This session was a kick off for a full year of photo sessions aimed at capturing all of the important stages in a baby’s first year.  Stay tuned for the progression over the next year.

Well here we are with baby number 7 on the way. All I can say is, “Joanne, for 7 babies – you’re looking great.” I told Joanne that I’d like her to deliver in the afternoon so that I can do some natural light images just after the birth – I’m hoping baby will cooperate lol